Flotato 24 – Use any web site as a beautiful Mac app

Flotato turns itself into any web app, just by giving it a new name. It’s like phone apps for your desktop; compact, light-weight, unbelievably fast.


Pin to top

Don’t miss a second. Keep any compact Flotato app on top of other windows.

Put a slice in the dock

Keep an eye on important stuff, right in the dock. The icon jumps when the area changes

Small, fast, light

Flotato’s Webkit browser is native macOS. Not Electron. That’s how Flotato for Twitter gets away with using just 10% of Chrome’s memory usage running the same app. The app files are nimble, too. Flotato for Trello takes up 14x less disk space on your hard drive compared to Trello’s own app.


I mean, you’d expect that

Set the start view

Got something you keep going back to? Make it the first thing you see


Flotato remembers your sessions, but never touches your passwords, or anything else you type in. Cookies are stored securely in the same safe as Safari uses.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.12 or later

ScreenShots :

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